Month: July 2014

Great Gifts and Favors

Great Gifts and Favors

Shot glasses, premium coffee with mug, fortune cookies, USB flash drives, tote bags, tumblers, and sunglasses

Shot glasses

Small, cheap, and highly customizable, shot glasses are an easy gift for many events. However, keep the level of professionalism of your event in the back of your mind. Shot glasses are great for parties, but they might not be welcome at a religious gathering or high-level corporate conference.

Premium coffee with mug

Nothing says, “we care” like going the extra mile – don’t just hand out commemorative mugs, hand out something to put in them! Premium coffee and tea are sure to be put to use at home or at the office. For those abstaining from caffeine, substitute a luxurious hot cocoa mix.

Fortune cookies

True, they don’t have much lasting value, but personalized fortune cookies can be a big hit at many different types of events. Messages can be company slogans, event hashtags, funny quips or sayings, and just about anything you can fit onto a small slip of paper.

USB Flash drives

One of the more useful giveaways, this gift will most definitely find its way onto your guest’s keychain or desk, helping your message last. Though it may be slightly more expensive, go for a device with more storage rather than less, and don’t pre-load documents on them because, chances are, they won’t get read.

Tote bags

This highly versatile gift can take the form of a fashionable day-to-day tote, or an environmentally friendly grocery tote. Keep in mind the type of guest you’re expecting at your event. Men are less likely to carry totes (or bags in general), and corporate event attendees may have more use out of a sturdy bag that can hold a laptop rather than a grocery tote. Bags can be personalized with attendee names, or with a company logo or slogan.


Disposable bottles and cups are out, and reusable tumblers and mugs aredefinitely in. This everyday item will find itself on your attendee’s desk, home countertop, and car cup holder, guaranteeing a large amount of exposure. Tumblers can be used for any liquid, hot or cold, and can be printed with almost any picture or message.


A hit with the younger set, and a bit kitschy, but a crowd-pleaser for sure. Use this gift for fun events at schools and universities, or company retreats to sunny coasts. Text can be printed on the ear pieces, and you can be sure that your guest will hang on to these for use in the car or on the beach.