Month: December 2014

Memorable Meetings: The Hottest Destinations for Your Next Gathering

Memorable Meetings: The Hottest Destinations for Your Next Gathering

Gone are the days of the windowless conference-room meetings in office parks – pack your bags to meet up somewhere truly unique.

As hard as we all may try, it can be difficult to spice up several hours of necessary meetings in hotel conference rooms. After all, the meetings are for working, collaborating, and innovating. Having your next meeting at an attractive destination can help your employees relax and enjoy after the day’s work is done – decreasing their stress and increasing their incentive to work! The following destinations are favorites of ours and our clients.

The Bahamas

For those interested in sun, surf and relaxing, the Bahamas is a top pick. We’ve taken quite a few clients there and our experience has been wonderful. This island paradise is close enough to home (only about two hours from the U.S. coast) while still maintaining its own unique island flavor. The coast of Nassau is dotted with hotels to suit most meeting needs, and U.S. currency is widely accepted. Be advised though, your employees will need a passport!

Napa Valley/San Francisco

This destination is a favorite of foodies and wine-lovers. Napa Valley is home to comfortable and versatile meeting locations, and the area is renowned as a world-famous wine country. With San Francisco and the beautiful Bay Area just up the road, this West-coast destination will be sure to please. We present this location as a top pick when a client doesn’t have the time for a week-long tropical getaway, but still wants a unique experience that’s not too far from home.

Las Vegas  

For employees who want to unwind with fun and festivities, Las Vegas is a one-size-fits-all destination. With excellent conference space located right on the Las Vegas strip, meeting-goers will have their pick of shows, nightclubs, world-class food, and casinos. Las Vegas is always a popular destination at Wellington, and the abundance of hotels with amazing meeting space makes it one of our favorites to plan for.

Your Next Hot Incentive Gift? Wearable Tech.

Your Next Hot Incentive Gift? Wearable Tech.

The company watch is a gift of the past – unless it can answer your phone and keep you fit at the same time.

Though a tasteful analog watch is a timeless gift (pardon the pun), guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of the latest line of wearable tech. Beautiful, elegant watches that sync effortlessly with a smartphone are a sure way to streamline your guests’ business calls, exercise routines, and personal lives. We spoke with one of our gift curators, Michelle Henderson, about the trendiest timepieces.

The top watches (Apple Watch for iOS, Android Wear for Android, and Samsung Gear for Android) all offer similar services tailored to different smartphones. These watches keep perfect time, and help you make the most of it. They notify the wearer who is calling, allows the wearer to text, make appointments, check the weather and track their fitness goals, among other functionalities. These gadgets are also elegantly designed and discrete, lending themselves well to everyday wear, business wear, and evening wear. We can see these as gifts for incentive trips and prize programs.

For the exercise buff, don’t forget about the wearable tech market segment of fitness tracking wristbands, like the Jawbone, Nike+ FuelBand, and FitBit. These sleek wristbands measure movement and exercise, and link to online/smartphone platforms to show the wearer their progress.