Month: February 2015

Protecting A Brand’s Identity

Protecting a Brand's Identity

We know your brand is important, and we know how make sure it stands out in every experience.

Before the advent of the Internet, brands were fairly easy to protect. A brand’s identity typically came from a single source inside the company, and the channels it traveled were fairly tightly controlled. Maybe a television advertisement, or a magazine ad, or a well-placed billboard would come out of this department.

But as the number of media vehicles increased, so did the proliferation of the brand – easily becoming a behemoth of colors, logos and identities that can be hard to control. Most importantly, in keeping up with the rapid media growth, the brand strayed from its true story.

We at Wellington had a similar issue before our decision to re-vamp our identity. We took a deep look at ourselves and determined the bones of our brand, the channels we wanted to communicate in, and systems for staying in control of our communication. As we do with all our clients, we had to make sure our messages were consistent, clear, and reflective of our company at all times.

Look forward to a guest blog series featuring our brand partners to learn how we did it, and how we can do it for you.