Month: October 2015

Let’s Talk About Printing

Let's Talk About Printing

Attendee collateral can be complicated. We know, because we’ve been there ourselves.

So let’s set the scene here – you’ve done it. Your event has been planned. The caterers know what they’re doing, the Wi-Fi is set up, and you have the perfect event flow for the farewell dinner. There’s just one task looming over you: Attendee communication. With so many options and channels today, it’s difficult to determine the best course for your event. We’ll walk you through some choices, as well as some of our favorite options.

Print collateral

This is the tried and true workhorse of any event and collateral campaign. Even with all the possibilities and convenience of digital collateral, there is just as much possibility and convenience with print collateral. Check out this article from AdWeek about the world’s best print campaigns to get some perspective on what can be done with physical media. Whether it’s a large conference or a smaller incentive, print still makes up the bulk of our collateral efforts. We use print to create comprehensive, personalized pre-trip and welcome packets, as well as nametags and signage.

Digital communication

If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, it’s about time! Digital communication utilizes email and other digital media to convey the message. We use it for automated, personalized attendee communication as well as on-site, when digital signage options are available. Though the learning curve may be steep, the benefits are steep as well. Communicating with attendees at the touch of a button in a professional, timely manner is priceless.

The winning combination

With the caveat that it does depend on your event, we’ve found that the best overall strategy is a well-thought out combination of print and digital communication. That’s because the best print communication comes from utilizing our digital resources, and the best digital resources are perfect tie-ins with print pieces. There’s a great article from Marketing Profs that describes some unique ways to do this.