9 Workplace Gifts for a Healthy New Year

9 Workplace Gifts for a Healthy Workplace

It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions and finally getting that gym membership. Healthy employees are happier and more productive – find what can you do to encourage them.

Workplace gifts and giveaways are a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle at your company. We’ve curated the best new ideas for you to start the new year off right, mentally and physically.

1. Trendy, functional waterbottles.

We love the S’well brand for its unique design, functionality, and commitment to the environment.

2. Drawstring bags and gym totes.

Half the battle is gathing your things for the gym – make it that much easier with branded or un-branded drawstring bags and gym totes that are every bit as stylish as they are funcitonal.

3. Pedometers.

All of us with desk jobs have been guilty of sitting all day without even realizing it. A small pedometer can be a great motivator for employees who want to get their steps in while at the office.

4. Fitness trackers.

A gift for those true fitness buffs, or those wanting to keep tabs on their health. Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit or UP by Jawbone track steps, heart rate, sleeping patterns, and more.

5. Company-branded planner.

Getting organized is the first step in maintaining a healthy, mindful lifestyle.

6. Stress balls.

A staple of desktops everywhere, the stress ball is a classic, inexpensive gift that makes itself useful when stressful tasks arise.

7. Yoga mats.

A branded yoga mat is a great way to show that your company cares about healthy lifestyles. Studies have shown that workplace yoga and meditation lowers stress and improves sleep quality.

8. Earbuds.

These days, it’s almost out of the question to hit the treadmill without good music and a set of earbuds. They double as a great way to minimize office distractions for those that like to jam out at their desk.

9. Sports apparel. 

Headbands, hats, and sweat-wicking material are welcome accessories during any workout. Add your logo for a tasteful touch on a gift that’s sure to get some use.

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