About Us

Wellington is an event and gift strategy firm that serves as curators of our clients’ brands. We create signature events, incentives, meetings, marketing and gift campaigns by being sensitive to brand standards, selective in our solutions and sensible in the execution.

Joan Wells and Jada Hill

To understand who we are today, we need to tell you a little bit about our past. When Joan Wells and Jada Hill founded Wellington in 1994, the business model they employed was unique: Hand-select a core team to work with the client all the way from the proposal through event execution. No passing the baton at various points during the process, which was the norm. This ideal worked and Wellington thrived.

Fast forward 20 years and our clients’ needs have evolved and so has Wellington. More focus on aligning events and gifting solutions with a company’s core brand mission is a must. So we tweaked our business model and made it more brand-centric. Today, our sensitivity to reflect the brand our clients have worked so hard to build defines our interpretation of brand curation. It’s been the driving force behind the signature events that we’ve had the privilege of producing for many of the worlds’ leading brands.

Our Leadership

What Drives Us

“To always do what’s right for clients and their brand. That is the impetus behind what we do – and it starts with what matters most to clients.

We asked, “Why work with Wellington?” Sensitivity to brand guidelines…high standards…a sensible, quality-minded approach…seamless integration…elite service…These are just a few of the reasons revealed during comprehensive brand research.”

– Joan & Jada