Best Blogs for Event Planners

Best Blogs for Event Planners

Event Manager Blog, BizBash, Cvent, Velvet  Chainsaw, and Pinterest

Event Manager Blog

One of the most popular and often-cited event blogs on the web, this fun blog calls itself “the first blog for event professionals.” Their biggest contribution to the industry is their annual report “10 Event Trends,” which is the most-viewed presentation within the events industry. They also offer free WordPress themes for download, and tons of resources for good event apps and software. Event Manager Blog prides itself on its Event Startup community, where the industry’s newest players can get some exposure.


One of the most all-inclusive sites we’ve come across. BizBash has listings for venues, suppliers, and classes for professionals, as well as a comprehensive job board. If you have no idea where to start, chances are that BizBash can help you out. It has a more professional feel than the Event Manager Blog – BizBash takes events seriously. They host event conferences each year, and publish their own magazine. They tend to skew towards reporting rather than the fun list-making of Event Manager Blog, but they have a real knack for reporting trends in the industry.


Fair warning – Cvent is an industry service provider, and you can expect a few sentences of self-promotion here and there. Cvent provides a suite of services to help planners automate certain tasks, but we prefer to do our own thing and stick to reading their blog. Cvent focuses more on the planner than the actual event, and it’s a good niche for them to stick to. They have an entire category devoted to “Planning How-To’s” and also provide lots of resources for using social media and website building tools. Their articles about budgeting and expense management are definitely worth a read.

Velvet Chainsaw

Velvet Chainsaw is definitely an “insider” blog, but don’t let that turn you off if you’re just getting into planning. Their client base relies on this firm mainly for conferences and meetings, but many of their ideas for client engagement can be translated to all kinds of events. They have a lot of experience under their belt, and they stay on trend in terms of social media. Read this blog to get tips on public speaking, tweeting, and energizing your audience.


It’s not exclusively an event planning blog, but by typing a few key words into the search bar, you’ll be able to find pages of inspiration! The Event Planning Inspiration board is always being updated, and it also provides a welcome break from working on your own event – sometimes you need to step away from your work for a few moments and relax to get a better perspective. We also like to use Pinterest to keep track of the things we love – if you’ve come across a color palette you love or a party favor idea you can’t part with, don’t save it to a forgotten corner of your bookmarks folder, pin it to your Pinterest board! The beautifully designed digital board is what you make of it, but seeing all your related pins at once can be incredibly helpful in getting your thoughts together.

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