Pillars provide strength and support for something. And in the case of developing a strategy for a signature experience, pillars hold up the vision. Without them, the brand vision risks collapse. That is why every idea we propose aligns with one or more of the four Wellington fundamental strategic pillars. All of which are based on what clients and prospective clients tell us they want most from a partner.

Brand Curation


The most lavish event or inventive gift may actually weaken your image if it is inconsistent with your brand. Big or small, we manage every noticeable detail to ensure it perfectly conveys your brand mission. Does the use of technology dovetail with your brand’s ingenuity? Will lighting create an ambiance reflective of your company? What creative gift solutions are available to reinforce your brand’s value?  Let our case studies show you the impact of brand curation.

Signature Experiences


A Signature Experience is what happens when a sensible, seamlessly integrated plan results in the execution of an event that reflects the distinctive values and culture of your brand. The extra step Wellington takes in learning and responsibly curating your brand is what leads to an event that is truly unique, truly reflective of who you are as an organization, truly a signature experience.

Industry Innovation


We are leading the innovation conversation by starting each engagement with a brand conversation and focusing on the strategy first. Wellington reinvents the way events get done and corporate gifts get given by utilizing tools such as new technologies and creative horsepower and making those tools relevant to your organization’s brand. We invite you to see what it means to seek and never settle.

Inventive Gifting Solutions

Gifts and incentives without original thinking or brand sensitivity can come across as hollow. We eliminate that risk by truly understanding “who you are” as a brand and offering creative ideas sure to enhance your brand’s memorability. We’re not shy when it comes to saying, “If you want order takers, look somewhere else.” But if you are looking for thought leadership, let us be your resource for inventive gifting solutions. View some ideas…

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