A Next Level Reward Program

The Challenge

A major automotive brand’s regional office approached Wellington with the challenge to reinvigorate their annual recognition program. Their usual program included a one-night event centered on a group dinner, but it was time to elevate things. The region was finding that the award no longer excited their dealers, and it showed in their lack of participation.

Wellington immediately recognized that they needed a new approach; a way to re-energize the potential winners to achieve goals without increasing costs to the region. How could Wellington inject new life into a program that was becoming too familiar?

Our Approach

After targeted research and an evaluation of the existing program, the decision was made to overhaul the incentive. Driving towards a more motivating approach, this made our next step clear – eliminate it entirely, and completely change tracks for more lasting tangible rewards via a proposed prize program instead.

This offered both a novel experience and sense of energy to the recipients, as the region had not previously hosted a prize program. The challenge then shifted from the what to the how and the timing of getting the program launched and fulfilled in a two-week period.

Undaunted, our Gifts Division and Communications Department dove in. An interactive website was created to feature four progressively higher levels of prizes. These were awarded to winners based on their level of performance.

The Results

The prize program approach allowed the region to maximize their budget and vastly expand the reach of the incentive. They initially expected fulfillment of a couple hundred prizes but in the end were able to have a positive, personalized touchpoint with nearly 800 associates. The Wellington Gifts division happily flowed with the demand, fulfilling personal orders and ensuring timely delivery of product within two weeks.

In the beginning, a new life for the incentive had been requested. Wellington went above and beyond, delivering not just new life but creating an entirely new experience for all those involved. It far exceeded the expectations of regional leadership and winners alike and generated new engagement and energy within the region.

Contact Us to explore how we can help you take your next incentive to a whole new level, we love the challenge!

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