Event Tech 2014 Wrap Up

What Happens in Vegas ... Comes Back to KC!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless you’re there for Event Tech 2014!

Event Tech is a yearly conference focused on engaging attendees through emerging technologies in the event and marketing industry. Wellington’s Michele Woods and Karen Elliot attended the conference and came back with some of the hottest trends for the events industry. Event Tech prides itself on highly experiential seminars, so the following technologies have been tried and tested on the spot!

Google Glass for presenters

Google Glass is on the cusp of integration with events and speakers. This wearable technology allows attendees to engage with the presenter as they’re speaking. The presentation will expand onto each user’s set of Google Glasses and, in real time, they’ll be able to record the presentation, make notes, and share their experiences on social media. At Wellington, we’ve had a lot of success with technology integration on the planning side – incorporating tablets into on-site work has been invaluable. We think that keeping attendees engaged with the same technology can lead to a more effective and memorable conference.

Zox RFID wristbands

The Zox brand began (and still is) as a highly fashionable wristband brand. They have recently expanded to offer innovative RFID (radio frequency identification) technology in their wristbands for brands. These unique chips allow companies to track their users at an event and see what matters most to them – where they’re going, how long they stayed, etc. We’ve learned over the years that more data and more knowledge lead to a better experience for all. There’s no substitute for knowing exactly what a customer wants and being able to tailor an experience for them. Guests can even get deals and discounts on merchandise related to the event, and have the ability to share their experiences instantly on social media integration.


Almost every technology today is integrated into social media. Bonfyre takes that concept one step further – with this app, you can create a private social network specifically for your event. Attendees, sponsors and speakers can share photos, statuses and content with the most relevant people – the audience at the event! We can see this being highly popular with some clients that prefer to keep their events private, but still want to share an amazing experience with their chosen peers.

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