A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Every touchpoint matters at an event

When it comes to events, gifts, and live experiences, every touchpoint matters – no matter how small. While the main event may go off without a hitch, the most memorable point of the experience for any given attendee could be the personalized service they received, or the custom gift in their room at the end of the night or the right recognition in a presentation. When we call ourselves a full-service live experience agency, we mean full-service. That means that not only do our clients have a flawless experience, but all the smallest details and brand touchpoints are thought out as well. This is how you create authentic experiences that are born from a strategic approach. But what are a few examples of this influence on the parts and pieces of a branded experience?


It’s not just a meeting, it is an opportunity. In our years of experience, we’ve learned that even the most basic meeting can be infused with memorable touches that can have a big impact on attendees. For even the most basic of business meetings in a ballroom, a few strategically selected event production elements can be placed to have an big impact on idea understanding, attendee experience or emotional effect. From script writing to show calling to music selection, thinking through the smallest details can make a big difference. For a recent business meeting of around 200 attendees, we recommended and executed the addition of higher resolution screens from floor to ceiling, exciting walk-up tracks, and stage lighting design that gave the meeting a sophisticated, cohesive feel. Utilizing two dedicated production staff that understand the content inside and out – because we know there’s no substitute for in-house, comprehensive knowledge – the entire feeling was changed. We were able to give our client peace of mind that their meeting would be executed perfectly, and we were able to captivate attendees with an exciting, upbeat meeting that left a lasting impression.


What can often be a quick, impersonal gift exchange becomes a social, personalized touchpoint when you work with a creative, experienced gift experience professional. Our team of comprehensive brand strategists know that gifting experiences are meant to be custom, interactive and memorable. We apply our trend and industry expertise to all gift needs. Whether this means we’re onsite at your next meeting or incentive, running prize program websites or helping your company rebrand, we stand with you, committed to the success of your brand. At our core, we want to provide enhanced gifting experiences, build relationships and leave an impression. The best way to craft these moments of discovery is through direct contact. We aim to be a true brand partner and we make ourselves available for gifting experiences no matter the location or type of gift needed. We’ll help you carry your brand and infuse personalization by being onsite at your office or at your next meeting or incentive.

Concierge service

Plenty of events have hospitality desks, and plenty more have dedicated customer service lines. What sets us apart is our entire approach to service. What we offer is more than a phone number and a desk at an incentive program – what we offer is personalized concierge service every step of the way. From the very beginning of the planning stages to being on-site and following through, you have the same in-house team every step of the way. We don’t contract out people to answer the phone or travel on the trip. What this means is that each of our staff knows every detail of the event and of the attendees, and all of us are empowered to make each experience a memorable one.

Throughout our experiences, we’ve learned that a little bit can go a long way in making an impression and strengthening your brand. Maybe it’s a personalized invitation. Maybe it’s a dedicated production team to amp up your meeting. Maybe it’s the peace of mind that your attendees are truly taken care of. Maybe it’s branded items that integrate perfectly with your event. We specialize in finding those touchpoints for you and utilizing them to bring your attendees to the heart of your event and create something truly memorable.

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