Marsala: An In-Depth Look at the Color of 2015

Marsala: An In-Depth Look at the Color of 2015

Sports nuts wait for the Olympics, those in the design industry geek out over Pantone’s color of the year.

Since 1990, color and printing giant Pantone has selected a color of the year. This color is meant to represent the cusp of trends Pantone sees in the worlds of fashion, art, printing, design, and more. At Wellington, we strive to do similar for each client and each experience, no matter how big or small. As for Pantone, this year’s color, Marsala, is a deep, earthy red reminiscent of a robust wine…or is it a rusty, office-park-carpet color reminiscent of the grime found in the grout of old tile?

Among those who geek out over things like hexadecimal values and, well Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala is a controversial choice. But, regardless of your opinions on it, it’s hard to deny the influence of the Color of the Year and Pantone itself. For our rebrand, we’ve been utilizing the Pantone color matching system to select our perfect brand color.

Since its Perfect Matching System (PMS) was perfected in 1962, Pantone has become somewhat of a global standard among print houses, artists, designers, and anyone with an affinity for color. Its Color of the Year is often later associated with the top trends in design, trickling down to everyday items like makeup and housewares. The trend can continue for as long as three years after the announcement.

Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Color Institute summarizes it best.

“Color plays a critical role in consumer purchasing decisions. It’s the first thing the consumer sees – the thing that will determine whether or not they go one step further to try something on or pick up the product to take a better look. With today’s consumers much more educated about color and color trends, they want to make sure they are on trend. Product developers and retailers want to make sure they have the right colors in their assortment to satisfy consumer demand.”

Pantone’s attention to consumer demand and decisions makes them a company Wellington strives to emulate.

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