Organizational Tools

Organizational Tools

You can have all the ideas and manpower in the world, but nothing will get done if you’re not organized!


For disciples of Apple, Inc., Things may be the best app to come your way. This is no simple to-do list or task manager – it’s powerful and versatile (not to mention pricey). Things integrates seamlessly into the Mac OS system, and provides the same great experience on all your devices. You can create projects with tasks, and tag each task for even easier retrieval. You can set up recurring tasks and daily reminders. When you open Things for the first time each day, it will pull up your tasks for the day. For those items you’re not ready to organize yet, or for simple lists, Things provides you with an Inbox on the front page of the app.


It’s not exactly an organizational app, but trust us, you might need this. With all your apps and different devices, it can be a chore to remember every password. Each program seems to have its own password specifications, and you don’t feel secure writing them down on post-its all over your office. Enter 1Password, the premiere password management software. You’ll never have to remember another password again (except your 1Password password…) and you’ll never have to log in again. You store all your passwords in a secure “vault” that also offers a web-based plugin. 1Password can also remember your usernames and credit card information, should you so choose. One of its best features is the password generator. 1Password helps you generate a random, ultra-safe password. And since the app remember it for you, you don’t need to.

A planner

No, it won’t send a text to your phone an hour before your next appointment, and it won’t sync with your email account, but it is an indispensable tool in every event planner’s arsenal. The power of writing something down, by hand, fixes the information in your mind. You’ll be less likely to forget tasks and appointments by keeping careful track of them in a planner. Planners can also be great for meetings when typing on your computer or phone seems inappropriate. And for those days when you don’t have your gadgets handy, you’ll be glad you have all your important info at hand.

Google programs

By and large one of the more versatile and budget friendly options, Google and its array of programs help organize the lives of busy parents, college students, and event planners alike. Use the calendar to schedule your days by task, and sync it to your Gmail account for timely reminders. You can also share your Google Calendar with anyone to schedule joint tasks or to let them know your schedule. Use Google Keep to take quick notes and lists that can be emailed to you or others. If you’re planning an event with a group of people or a staff, use Google Drive to keep everyone up-to-date with important documents and information. Drive is great for collaborative work – you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Everyone you have shared the project with (via email) has access to and can work on project. And since it’s all saved to the cloud, you can access it anywhere.


Evernote is a beautifully designed app that is compatible with most mainstream devices. Some tech critics say that Google Keep was modeled after Evernote – and many users would agree. Evernote allows you to take notes, record an audio note, store pictures, and organize it all. You can classify your notes into notebooks and use tags to more easily identify what is in the document. Though the free version of Evernote is often enough for most, the paid version includes some great features, like PDF-to-text when you scan in a note. It can also learn to recognize your handwriting.

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