Tech Trends on the Rise for Conferences

Tech Trends on the Rise for Conferences

Toss out the clipboards and spreadsheets and grab a tablet…or a wristband…or a lanyard…to learn more about your attendees.

From measuring attendance to tracking how your attendees feel at any given time, conferences can be beasts to tame in terms of figuring out what went well, what went wrong, and how to get valuable responses. At Wellington, we try to stay on top of the game and utilize technology to our benefit, and the benefit of the client. Emerging trends in the tech industry have led to innovative ways to gain feedback and analyze how attendees move, engage and interact.

Beyond Verbal’s Moodies app lets you see how your attendees feel during speakers and presentations. The technology analyzes the tone of a user’s voice to evaluate how they are feeling. Time this with data from a presentation, and you can see how your attendees reacted as a whole. In beta testing of the technology, event managers used 1,500 subjects with the technology and were able to plan how to restructure their events to best hit the high and low mood points of attendees’ days. We can envision using this technology for meetings and conferences that sometimes don’t retain an attendee’s attention.

It is also incredibly useful – for event managers and their attendees – to see where an attendee went through the course of the conference and who they interacted with. A Bluetooth system called Loopd uses lanyards that attendees wear to communicate with beacons placed around the conference. This location tracking data can be used to see who interacted with whom and which areas of the conference were the most popular and engaging. With a simple touch, attendees can share contact info with others, making networking easier in a sometimes-flustering conference environment. Because so many attendees use these conferences for networking, we can see these lanyards becoming a must-have at conferences not too far in the future.

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