The Value of an Incentive for a Franchisor

The Value of an Incentive for a Franchisor

For franchisors meetings and incentive programs drive better performance and solid ROI.

In our industry, it’s no secret that successful meetings and incentive programs make for more success in sales and franchisee operations. What we have seen and experienced with our customers is what we see confirmed in research about benefits of these types of programs. In one such study by The Society of Incentive Travel Executives, it was found that incentive programs aimed at individual workers increase performance by 27%, and programs aimed at teams increase performance by 45%. They also found that incentive programs have an equally positive impact on both quality and quantity goals.

That hard return on investment represents one of the reasons we are working on an incentive program with one prominent franchisor operator for the third year in a row. This year the franchisor had the goal of appropriately rewarding those franchise-managing partners who were in the top ten percent of all stores. These top performers strived for the opportunity to jet off to the beautiful Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya in Mexico for a few days of relaxing, rewards, and team building. This annual event is an important motivator for the managing partners and a welcome recognition for their efforts.

That recognition is what drives the ultimate success of these programs in driving objectives. In the same study by The Society of Incentive Travel Executives, 92% of workers surveyed indicated they achieved their goal because of incentives, and 92% of corporations surveyed reported that their objectives were surpassed, met, or at least partially met using incentives. We know that at the end of the day, it’s all about results – and we’re confident you’ll see the results of a well thought out and executed program.  Contact us and we will come to you to talk face-to-face about how we can help with your meeting, gifting or incentive programs.

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