You Are What You Eat: The Rise of Interactive Food Stations

You Are What You Eat: The Rise of Interactive Food Stations

Go ahead and play with your food!

More and more guests in recent years have been responding to interactivity and personalization. Interactive food stations combine the best parts of guest collaboration with professional service to give your attendees a truly unforgettable experience. In our experiences at Wellington, we’ve found that interactive food stations promotes socialization and ensures that guests have a truly unforgettable experience. What better way to get the food they want than having a hand in it themselves? Interactive food stations inherently allow for more mingling between guests (can you say…networking?), allow for more variety, and break up the monotony of a two-hour buffet or plated dinner.

However, some clients may need some convincing to include this truly memorable experience. At Wellington, we strive to cater to the client, whether they are more traditional or looking for something a bit different. A traditional client may see an interactive food station as something they could do at home, and they expect that a conventional catering choice would involve them being served. For these clients, it may to best to use interactive food stations with just a few courses, and save the entrée to be plated in the kitchen.

We’ve seen from experience, non-traditional ways of serving food can be a great way for clients to remember your event and for them to network with others while learning how their food is prepared. Bon appetite!

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